Extreme G3™ Rapid Adjust Gun Sling
Extreme G3™ is the next generation of gun slings to hit the market. The Extreme G3™ is a one-hand rapid adjust gun sling that goes from open position carried over the shoulder to tight position for mounting on bi-pods or tri-pods or storing back in gun case in seconds. Designed with a revolutionary new material that has the look and feel of leather yet impervious to water, dirt, mud, rain, snow, extreme cold or hot temperatures, all while resistant to stetching that reduces performance.

Perfect for new composite stock rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders or traditional wood grain stocks.

Available with traditional Black Swivel’s or Stainless Swivel’s.
Rapid Adjust Gun Sling / Shown open for carrying over shoulder
Sling - Closed for storage,transport or Bi-Pod Mounting
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#11501 & 11502